Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

In homes with pets, the main concern about flooring is typically durability and stain resistance. That's why, very often, homeowners don't consider carpeting as an option, as they question these two factors in the face of ever zooming, messy furry bests. However, modern manufacturing practices have created incredibly resistant, long-lasting materials that are even eco-friendly in many instances. So, if you're wondering about soft surfacing in your pet-friendly home, then read on to learn how this flooring is indeed a viable option.

Why choose soft surfacing?

One of the main perks of fiber flooring is its underfoot comfort. For pets, wall-to-wall can undoubtedly seem like an endless expanse of places to nap! Nonetheless, carpets also provide security with a non-slip surface, safer for both animals and humans alike. Additionally, this type of surfacing also lowers the transference of sounds, thus making your home more peaceful by absorbing excess, bothersome noise, like loud barking or thunderous running around.

Is the material ideal for pets?

Many manufactures do produce several pet-specific wall-to-wall options. These soft surfacing choices consider the need for stain and water resistance, which prevents seepage and mold growth. Nylon fibers, for instance, are a popular selection, as they're highly durable while also being very durable and affordable. Carpet tiles are also another fiber alternative and one that offers an impressive degree of design leeway. Regardless of what type of soft surfacing you end up choosing, there is indeed an endless array of color, pattern, and pile choices available for your renovation.

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